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Why do leading shipowners trust Dolfinance?


Dolfinance primarily listens and then offers advice and mediation on ship finance in general with an emphasis on financing cruiseships, roro vessels and ferries, LPG and chemical tankers as well as Platform Supply vessels and Anchor Handlers. Financing the cruise industry is a niche we particularly focus on.

Dolfinance has financed a number of very large yachts and can thus assist in financing superyachts over 45 meters l.o.a. With an extensive network in the yachting industry and over USD 400m financed in yachts by Dolfinance’s previous principal, Dolfinance is well positioned to assist owners of top quality yachts in their search for finance.

Dolfinance has a network of private investors, mostly with a maritime background, that are interested in providing mezzanine finance and are keen to invest in promising shipowning companies or individual vessels based on a strong market position, chartercontract or other solid employment.

Mergers and acquisitions: Looking for and finding the right partner for our shipping or cruise clients is always on our mind.

Advice on structuring of financial transactions, feasibility studies and marketing advice in the cruise industry is a specialty of Dolfinance and its associates.


Are you looking for new ideas and creative solutions?


In the 25 years of its existence, Dolfinance has learnt at least one important thing: To listen to and build up a relationship with the client, aiming at understanding the client and anticipating his or her needs. We are not there to sell a product but we are there to provide the client with a tailormade solution.

Our aim is to assist companies in acquiring or building the optimal vessel economically and environmentally and advise on the marketing thereof, especially in the (expedition) cruise, RoRo and ferry sector.

What experience do I get ?


The c.e.o. of Dolfinance; Hugo T. Modderman, has focused all his life on project finance, whether powerplants, battery factories, cement plants, shopping centers, aircraft and ships. A buy-out of the Rotterdam office of what is now DNB created Dolfinance in 1988, now celebrating 25 years of existence. Initially based in Rotterdam, Dolfinance has been acting out of Monaco since 1997. The first ship financed was the cruiseship “Bon Vivant” in 1976 ! Hugo is actively involved with Marine Money and the Seatrade organization in organizing or lecturing on cruise and yacht finance. Dolfinance entertains an excellent relationship with those European banks that are active in marine finance and has a long history with banks such as DVB, NIBC, ABNAMRO, ING, Investec, KFW and a number of French banks.


“Your benefit is our long term view.”



For a quarter of a century we have delivered on our promise to grow the business of our clients among which:


Silversea Cruises ,  Reederei Deilmann, Viking Cruises, National Navigation, Compagnie du Ponant , EGE Ro-Ro, Star Clippers, Stena Chartering, Lueftner cruises, Estline, Delta Carriers, Oceanco yacht builders, Navigator Gas, Fouquet Sacop.



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    This world famous leisure group with luxury resorts in the most exquisite locations has one great sail assisted cruiseship; the Clubmed 2. Dolfinance arranged the finance of the vessel and advises Clubmed on cruise developments.  

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    A diversified shipowner with interests in containervessels, tankers and supply vessels. Dolfinance advises on sale and leaseback structures and finance.

    Fratelli Damato
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    Star Clippers is more than a cruise company, it provides adventure! With three clipper ships it takes the passengers to places off the beaten track while enjoying silence, only the sea and the wind can be heard while cutting through the waves. Dolfinance provided finance for the Royal Clipper, the five mast flagship of the company, built in Holland and based on the fullship Preussen, the largest vessel of the flying P line at the beginning of the 20 th century.    

    Star clippers
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    Viking river cruises is not only the world's no.1 river cruise company, it also serves the highest number of different rivers, steadily looking for new opportunities. In 2015 it will add the first of a series of four oceangoing cruiseships aimed at the cruise passenger looking for just that little extra in cruise experience and shore excursions. Dolfinance acted as advisor to Viking.  

    Viking Cruises


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Dolfinance is a founding member of  ” Global Maritime Capital Partners “, an association of independent marine finance experts, founded in 2013.